Google Analytics Certification Tips #1
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics

To pass Google Analytics Certification Exam, we give you some tips to get it. First set of questions is about How to use and understand Google Analytics Data. Answers are given at the end of the article but try to do it without checking it first. Enjoy and Good Luck !

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Analytics Solution Assessment
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Most of the companies have to choose the best digital analytics solution regarding their business requirements and the analytics solution assessment should be done every 2 or 3 years to be sure that the analytics tool is the best one for you at the right moment…

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Discover SimilarWeb
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
SimilarWeb is a well known company in the market especially for benchmarking and allowing companies to get insights on what the competitors are doing and how they interact on the internet.

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Private Browsing and Google Analytics
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Day after day, the use of the private browsing is growing. But what is the impact concerning the Analytics tracking. It’s simple, the measurements are not send on every digital analytics marketing solutions…

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Analytics Fails #1
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics

Read funny stories happening in Analytics environment. We are collecting digital analytics fails and share it with you. If you met this kind of situation, please share it with us and we’ll publish it soon. If you want to discover it, click here !

Some ways to understand Google Analytics 360 Suite
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics

The recent rebranding of Google Analytics products as “Analytics 360 suite” within Google Analytics, new opportunities are offered to clients to improve their analytics and data strategy through Google solutions. Analytics 360 is a kind of goldmine for marketers and data scientists to improve the way they analyze and use the digital data…  >> Read the full article

Google Analytics Premium VS Google Analytics Free
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics

Google Analytics is the most popular and most used digital analytics solution in the current market. Most of the companies use the free version but Google has launched years ago the Premium version of Google Analytics which is less known. About-DigitalAnalytics can help you to understand better what is Google Analytics Premium and what is different from the free version…   >> Read the full article

Responsive web design in electronic devices vector eps10
New Responsive Site is now available
July 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
We are proud to announce the new version of About-DigitalAnalytics site which is now totally responsive. You are now able to visit the site on every digital platform (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile). New sections will come soon. Enjoy your visit !
AdBlocker traffic measurements
January 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
The usage of Ad Blocker is growing and more and more internet users are deploying this kind of tools. For the digital business and especially for the online advertising, it’s a significant threat for their business. One of the main used Ad Blocker is « AdBlock » which takes few seconds to deploy as a plug-in to web…
How to deploy a cookie banner ?
January 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
In the current situation and growth of usage of the digital assets, a lot of legal regulations appears to ensure the protection of users interactions on the web. One of the major step was to inform internet users about the cookies usage on websites, mobile sites and applications. In order to respect the international…
adobe_acquire_dax 2
Adobe acquires comScore Digital Analytix
January 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Adobe announced an agreement to acquire comScore Digital Analytix Technology and Customers. The final terms of the acquisition are not defined yet, the deal will close in December this year.
This news was announced by Bill Ingram and more information can be found…
meta_tags 2
Collect data in Meta Tags
January 2016 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Many important data are present in meta tags <meta> and can be easily used in analytics solutions to enrich collected data. We have developed a custom javascript to collect all meta information which are deployed on the sites pages. To move forward in this topic, you would be able to use the javascript below to listen…
Google Search Term « Not Provided »
May 2015 – About-DigitalAnalytics
If you are working in the Digital Analytics market, on Traffic Acquisition or on SEO projects (organic search), you have noticed that the most popular search terms within Google Search Engine are now visible as « not provided » in Analytics tools, also in Google Analytics.
Auto Events Tracking in Google Tag Manager
April 2015 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Implement an Analytics tool is not so easy and could be painful. However, with the Tag Management Solution (TMS) growth, this mandatory step to success in the digital analytics project is more and more simple and easy to do. Google Tag Manager could helps you…
Google Analytics URL campaign generator
March 2015 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Online marketing campaign tracking is a key element to know if your acquisition strategy is performing well or should be optimized. Tha tagging of your campaigns allows you to know which ways are used by visitors to access your site (free traffic, paid traffic).
Discover Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst !
March 2015 – About-DigitalAnalytics
Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst, leading the paid web analytics solutions, is a reporting and optimization e-commerce platform. It benefits of a real-time intelligence pour build online strategy and marketing campaign related to it.
SiteCatalyst allows companies to collect and analyze data